Schools Speaker

Kate will give your pupils the opportunity to new learn coaching skills to cope with adversity and complex family difficulties, which are often the cause of child/teenage depression and anxiety. She delivers a mind-blowing, humorous, candid keynote/workshop with the simple message – believe then work hard – then anything is possible (growth mind-set).  Her references are phenomenal. She delivers teacher training speeches/workshops, pupil speeches and presents at school awards ceremonies.

Kate will present an interactive mind-blowing true story about the value of effort over intelligence and never giving up against the odds.

She loves to take questions and will challenge teachers and pupils. She believes pupils must ‘strive to be the best they can be’.

There are ‘no promises just possibilities’ in life, you just need a sprinkling of self-belief and effort.

She also believes it is important for children to recognise their emotions, label them and express them in a regulated way and to adopt a coaching strategy to help them cope.

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“Thanks Kate. It was great to have you with us. As before we found your story inspirational and it is delivered with such humour and humility it touches the hearts and minds of us all. The students were in awe with what you managed to overcome and how hard you fought to get back the life you once had. The love you have for your children and family is a privilege to witness. So many students and parents commented on how much they enjoyed listening to you.”


Mrs Ann Marie Connor

Head of Year 7 & Year 8, All Hallows Catholic College

“If you don’t know who @kateallatt is. Stop what you are doing and find out. An absolute inspiration.” #AHCCConference

Mr Farrer

History Teacher

“Such an inspiration, true #gowthmindset….. never lower your expectations! @KateAllatt #AHCCConference