People Power! Inspiring the Kings Fund!

Challenging traditional relationships and embracing shared decision-making by Marcus Powell The NHS Confederation conference last week was a busy affair; quieter, I’m told, than previous years but nonetheless a meeting place for reconnection, sharing and networking....

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Communication must be the 5th Vital sign in ICU !!!

Communicating there are ‘no promises just possibilities’ gives patients, but even more importantly, vulnerable family members, HOPE.  It’s not false hope, nor is it about quashing all hope of any future improvement either. Frankly, during the last 8 years of my...

Young stroke misdiagnosis in A&E is destroying lives & costing our NHS millions!

Amanda Ferguson (45) suspected drugs in the accident and amergency department. Jesse North (25) was diagnosed initially with vertigo in the emergency room but too was suffering with an early onset brainstem stroke. Steven Cassidy said ‘my mum was 49 and was diagnosed...