About Dr Kate Allatt 

Failure is not an option!

Extraordinary women 2011 - Kate Allatt

Dr Kate Allatt is a storytelling, wow factor motivational speaker and living proof that you can achieve ANYTHING! She resonates & inspires leaders into action. 

Connecting. Inspiring. Motivating. …

because good stories stick longer, shape visions, teach lessons, set values & define culture…


Her mantra is Still Me.  And when you hear her story you will understand why.  She is one of a very small group of people who have recovered from Locked in Syndrome. She is a proven, funny, inspirational and global keynote speaker.  She regularly receives standing ovations for her motivational talks on resiliency, diversity, communication and leadership.  Kate is also an award winning, internationally published author and media commentator.

Short business bio: 

What Dr Kate Allatt has achieved since her illness in seven years ago blows the audience’s minds and changes the way they think.  Her mission is to inspire and leave her audiences to feel much more individually and organisationally resilient. And she succeeds.  Her multi-faceted speech also includes the importance of communication and ‘thinking differently’ to achieve results in the workplace.  Other talks include the subjects of diversity, inclusion and leadership.  Companies who have booked Kate include Cunard, Travel Counsellors, BNP Paribas, Irwin Mitchells, The Garfield Weston Foundation, Sainsbury’s, the NHS Leadership, Ernst & Young and others.   Footage of Kate speaking can be viewed here.

Her regular appearances on TV and radio include This Morning, The One Show, BBC Breakfast, BBC Newsnight, BBC World, Jeremy Vine, Womens Hour etc.  To Kate’s delight she was recognised by the Queen at one of the  Buckingham Palace Garden Party.  Kate was also honoured to be invited by the Deputy PM to attend the Olympic opening ceremony as a VIP in 2012. 

Kate believes strongly that the only limitations in life, are the ones you set yourself.  Her other mantras are ‘no promises, just possibilities’ and it’s not ‘if’ you will do something but ‘when’!  Please contact Holly@thespeakersagency.com


Full health & social care bio:

‘Insane superhuman’ [pg 300] Dr Kate Allatt (D Litt) astonishingly recovered from her initially diagnosed Locked In Syndrome in 2010, at the age of 39. Within three months of leaving hospital she founded her charity – Fighting Strokes – and has become a respected voluntary global activist for strangers across all social media and in her patient visits.  She was the winner of Extraordinary Woman 2011 wife and devoted mum to India, Harvey and Woody. Kate Allatt CV

She has planned, coordinated and analysed various patient/clinician tweetchats over the years under the hashtag she first originated – #strokerecovery. She is also the pioneer behind the #StillMe selfie campaign. A movement to provoke a conversation about societal/clinical assumptions (and prejudices) about how we perceive someone’s quality of life. She passionately believes everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling life. She has experienced how, in subsequent  life threatening situations, our opinions of quality of life fundamentally change. Simple pleasures, like for example, being present to see children their grow up are enough for some people to feel fulfilled and happy in life.

Kate thinks its also ‘time to stop talking about the stigma of mental health at work, diversity and inclusion & starting doing something!’

In the intervening years, she has become an NHS leadership and The Kings Fund training provider. She has regularly worked with many nursing organisations – The RCN, The QNI, @HHFTnhs and various other nursing preceptorships with her ‘Compassionate Nurses #ThinkDifferently‘ work.  Kate is currently working with Sheffield Hallam University Health and Wellbeing faculty on designing and delivering their #YouMatter compassionate care campaign, which they co-created. But that’s not all.

Kate prides herself in not working in a silo but across all disciplines from OT’s to speech and language therapists, to physiotherapists, to GP’s, to private corporations – banking, insurance, sales and travel.

She is an internationally published authorTEDx speakerESCAPS research pioneer and global inspirational speaker.  Last year, she rewarded for her tireless work and contribution to stroke recovery with the highest award Honorary Doctorate award from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 and is an active tram player in Health and Wellbeing.  She is also working on developing ICU communication research with The University of Sheffield and Barnsley NHS to make communication the 5th vital sign in ICU. For the past three years, Kate has been a co-collaborator on  patient motivation research with Dr Charlie Chung in Fife. She is also seeking to introduce her B.Y.E.F.A.S.T strategy in the NHS.

Kate fundamentally believes this will reduce early onset stroke misdiagnosis in A&E of younger people. Her mantra is ‘no promises, just possibilities’ and to #ThinkDifferently. Kate thinks is not about what you can’t do but what you CAN do.  All you have to do is believe and try.

In the words of Winston Churchill, Kate ‘likes things to happen and if they don’t happen she makes them happen!’ 

Kate connects, influences and continues to disrupt the way healthcare and businesses think! She is currently seeking part time roles as an engagement, diversity and inclusivity manager.  Kate believes she can help companies who employ disabled employees (physical or hidden) to feel more included, engaged with and equal at work.  Watch this space!

Her media appearances include:

BBC Jeremy Vine, BBC Victoria Derbyshire TV, BBC Today, BBC Newsnight, BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio Sheffield, The One Show, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, RTL Germany, ABC Australia,  The Times, The Times on Sunday, The Indian Times, Readers Digest, Woman & Home, Woman, The Good housekeeping Guide, BBC World Service, Sky News etc….

Kate was a former digital marketing  provider and continues to provide paid, social media marketing services to non-profit organisation’s across South Yorkshire.

So what’s next..?

 “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill