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Extraordinary women 2011 - Kate Allatt

Marketeer, Mum & former 70 mile-a-week fell runner Kate Allatt (46) suffered a brainstem stroke & locked in syndrome (LIS) when her children were 5, 8 & 10 years old. Kate wrote starting writing her now internationally published book ‘Running Free – breaking out of locked in syndrome’ they say she left hospital. She won Extraordinary Woman in 2011 and founded and ran her registered digital charity in 2011 – just 3 months after leaving hospital. 


Kate is a tireless, fearless activist, for anyone around the world, who is affected by early LIS


She regularly visits patients in the early stages of the condition to help inspire their optimal improvement. She’s traveled as far as New York, Poland, Belfast, Finland, Ireland, Europe as well as England, Scotland and Wales. 


Kate gave a TEDx speech & is a regular health, motivational speaker, trainer and lecturer. 

Kate pioneered the @ESCAPS_study by tweeting Dr Joanna Fletcher-Smith at The University of Nottingham and is a collaborator.

Under pinning her advocacy work is her firm learned belief (from her own experience and that of many others) that having a positive growth-mindset attitude is crucial, if  the patient is cognitive. If this is combined with a strong self-belief, the willingness to work hard – repetitively, frequently and intensively, plus loved-one support, then stroke improvement can be optimised.  Please be aware, I’ve met hundreds of LIS patients and NEVER met anyone who is vegetative or NOT fully cognitive.  In some desperate cases, we just haven’t figured out a communication signal with the patient yet.


Furthermore, the NHS should be banned from using the hugely destructive lie that patients will ‘plateau’, two years after stroke, according to Kate. Positive progress keeps happening for years after stroke, even though the improvements may sometimes be more subtle.  The hope that improvement is possible, is crucial for the emotional well being of stroke survivors. We can all aspire to being the best we can be each day.

She also believes social media has the power to transform LIS awareness/improvement & the aftermath for other young stroke survivors.  Social media presents a missed opportunity in our health sector. Yet, like patients, how many clinicians, therapists, researchers, commissioners already have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts?

Social media could also be used to improve hospital and GP services, which could reduce NHS treatment costs.  Peer mentoring online massively improves patient outcomes too.

She regularly micro blogs on Twitter @kateallatt Instagram and Facebook. She also blogs for The Huffington Post.

She is regularly asked to be an international media commentator. 

She campaigns about:

  • How we can help patients in hospitals & the community be the best they can be.

  • Eliminating early onset young stroke misdiagnosis in A & E, to improve younger stroke outcomes and reduce the subsequent high cost burden to the NHS.

  • Using positive clinical language to enhance patient improvement outcomes in hospitals & the community;

  • Helping the GP’s to truly embrace & value ‘patients as equal partners’. They are the experts and they should be treated as such.

  • Campaigning for better understanding, awareness of the impact and solutions to reduce the emotional impacts of all types of stroke.

  • Communication being a basic human right and that we must assume patients are able to cognitively understand until proven otherwise.

It’s not all work! Kate loves being a mum to India, Harvey and Woody and is married to Mark. She loves long dog walks in the Peak District & spins three times a week!


Media appearances include:

BBC Jeremy Vine, BBC Victoria Derbyshire TV, BBC Today, BBC Newsnight, BBC 5 Live, The One Show, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, RTL Germany, ABC Australia,  The Times, The Times on Sunday, The Indian Times, Readers Digest, Woman & Home, Woman, The Good housekeeping Guide, BBC World Service, Sky News etc….

Best article: The Times 2017 TIM_20170202_null_T2_01_2

@kateallatt www.kateallatt.com

Her testimonials are here: http://www.kateallatt.com/testimonials/


‘No promises just possibilities’

“You won’t hear a pin drop!”

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