Kate Allatt's stroke recovery story

Kate Allatt

Kate Allatt: Author, Speaker, Inspirational brainstem stroke survivor with Locked in Syndrome, Mum, Wife

BBC Newsnight, SBS Insight TV Australia, Readers Digest Australia, The Daily Mail Australia, British Science Festival 2012, ABC Radio Australia, 60 Minutes Australia TV, The Sunday Indian Times, Victoria Derbyshire podcast, BBC Radio 2 Jeremy vine, BBC The One Show, ITV This Morning, Globo TV Brazil, RTL Germany, BBC WORLD SERVICE, BBC Breakfast, the Voice Russia, ITV Daybreak, ITVs Holding Out for a Hero TV, Victoria Derbyshire radio 5 Live, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, most of the women's weeklies Take a Break, Chat, Womens Weekly, Closer (numerous times) and women's monthly magazines like Woman & Home, Good Housekeeping, etc, to name a few!

Kate was even asked by the Deputy Prime Minister, The Rh. Nick Clegg MP to attend the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London in 2012 as a Government Executive guest!

Kate founded her charity - Fighting Strokes five months after she left hospital, where she was for 8 months. Kate has coped by writing her weekly candid blogs – arockystrokerecovery.com and wheresrocky.wordpress.com.

Kate is passionate. Kate is really funny. She doesn’t do self-pity. Above all she has turned her huge negative into a massive positive to help others now. Kate has a new perspective on her life... because she will only die once!

“Unlocking YOUR potential… because #YouOnlyDieOnce!”

Kate Allatt appears on BBC Newsnight

About the speaker

Winner of 'Extraordinary Woman of Year 2011' after surviving a huge brainstem stroke with locked in syndrome at 39.

Imagine being buried alive, where you can think and feel normally, but move absolutely nothing? You can hear & see everything going on but you are unable to communicate you can understand anything to anyone?

Fast forward 11 months, and imagine not only fighting back to a normal life, as opposed to an existence, but to now being able to change the lives of so many people, like me and globally is a huge privilege.

I founded Fighting Strokes and have written 3 books in 3 years! My first book was internationally published 'Running Free' & 'Gonna Fly Now!' & 'I Am Still The Same' November 2014 (Amazon).

I have featured across a range of UK and global media, from America to India to Australia and South Africa across all media platforms - TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet. Including:

ABC Australia, SBS Insight TV, BBC World, BBC Breakfast, BBC Newsnight, ITV This Morning, British Science Festival 2012, The Sunday Indian Times, Victoria Derbyshire podcast, BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine ...

I act as a national advocate for anyone affected by stroke and have become a respected lay stroke recovery expert.

My charity has just become a coalition member of the prestigious UK Stroke Forum. Recently, Fighting Strokes has been voted as a Steering Group Member on the UKSF which will help us influence stroke policy even more.

My hunch and experience, led to the development of a feasibility research study application (which was later approved and awarded £250,000) with Nottingham and Keele Universities.

I am heavily involved in developing an unique app to help people both physically and emotionally who are affected by acute Locked In Syndrome either from stroke or acquired brain injury (although I need help with funding!)

My stroke highs & lows blog ARockyStrokeRecovery has over worldwide 50,000 hits in just 2 years which means that my musings have perhaps struck a chord with others?

The Deputy PM asked me to be a guest of honour at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London 2012, and I'm going to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party for my charity work.

My showreel is here: View on YouTube

I am on Twitter so please come and hang out!  @kateallatt @fightingstrokes.