Kate’s vision …

  • To improve compassionate care delivery across the primary and secondary sectors
  • To inspire people to #ThinkDifferently
  • To improve patient communication in health
  • To build trusting, engaging and collaborative patient partnership relationships across healthcare
  • To credibly improve the working environment for disabled people so they can feel included, embraced and equal in an their places of work.
Therefore,I have a strong interest in diversity and inclusion training roles within a HR function

Dr Kate Allatt D Litt

Internationally published author, TEDx business, Social and healthcare motivational & inspirational  proven speaker and patient experience consultant, researcher and social media key opinion leader. Originator of the #StillMe selfie campaign and #strokerecovery.

#ThinkDifferently, improvisation workshops, growth-mindset & resiliency senior leadership and digital health coach.

So how will YOU #ThinkDifferently in the next 8 years…….?


Extraordinary woman of the year 2011

Disrupting Healthcare & Business:

  • Mindsets Shift When We #ThinkDifferently Speaker

  • Resiliency & #MarginalGains Coaching

  • Patient Communication & TRUST Improvisation Workshops

  • Research Pioneer, Collaborator & Internationally Published Author


Working alongside Kate Allatt is an absolute privilege. Kate is a fantastic and generous story teller and she has one of the most inspiring personal stories I have ever heard! When Kate stands up and calmly shares her experience of recovery from locked in syndrome, you can hear a pin drop, everyone in the room is deeply touched by her courage and determination. What I really admire about Kate is that she is purposeful, aspirational  and has a fantastic sense of humour all wrapped up in one incredible woman.  She is on a mission to make a positive difference to people who are recovering from stroke and I am sure, as was the case with her recovery story, she will achieve more than anyone ever dared hope!

Roz Davies

Managing Director, We Love Life and Recovery Enterprises

Kate's Books

Kate is an internationally published author of 3 books, including the acclaimed 'Running Free' about her recovery from Locked-In Syndrome, and other self-help & self-management books for anyone affected by stroke or brain injury.

Keynote Speaker

Kate is a proven outstanding keynote speaker, after dinner speaker, and Happiness Health Coach. She runs interactive workshops on a variety of themes in the NHS, schools and businesses.

Coaching & Mentoring

Kate mentors & supports stroke patients worldwide, obtaining the best chance to improve their health outcomes, and acting as a patient advocate. Kate is also a practising as a Happiness Health Coach.